Many initiatives are constantly coming into account to help accelerate the development of technologies and empower citizens to take actionable steps toward using green energy to achieve the EU’s climate-neutrality goals.

To this extent, Eurogia2030 stands out among other sustainable development funding opportunities. It falls under the EUREKA Clusters, some of which are designed to promote activity and create trans-national collaborative projects to support economic growth and offer an environmental benefit to societies.

Goals and Targeted Challenges

This programme could be a good match for you if you are developing an innovative energy technology that will:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and use
  • Develop new technologies for energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, energy efficiency, Hydrogen, etc.

Here are some of the targeted challenges to achieving the above goals:

  • Carbon-free energy supply,
  • Green mobility and Smart cities,
  • Smarter housings and constructions,
  • Bioresources and environment.

Among the relevant enabling technologies, you can expect to find:

Digitalization, IOT, AI, blockchains, cyber-security , communication, 5G/6G, drones, sensors, new materials, asset management,  recycling, etc.

Useful Information:

Eurogia2030 has multiple yearly deadlines and requires small consortia of 2 to 5 partners. In addition, it boasts high success rates. These make Eurogia2030 a favorable funding opportunity to apply for.  

Next upcoming deadline: 25 September 2024

The budget per project is 1M €

The overall success rate is over 50%

Eureka’s EUROGIA2030 funding opportunity is a gateway to turning your innovative energy solutions into reality. By fostering international collaborations and providing crucial financial support, EUROGIA2030 is helping to shape a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

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