Argentum Events

In January 2024, we will present three insightful webinars. The initial session focuses on securing funding for health companies, offering valuable insights into financial opportunities. The second webinar delves into an in-depth exploration of the Eurostars programme, providing comprehensive knowledge of its intricacies. Lastly, our third webinar is dedicated to the dynamic digital industry, offering […]

This month, we focus on three webinars. In the first webinar, we discuss European prizes and how they differ from grants. Then we dive into the 2024 work programme of the EIC, and in this webinar, our chief of strategy discusses in detail: the EIC Accelerator, Pathfinder, and Transition. The last webinar focuses on funding […]

This month features two webinars. First, we will discuss the UK’s renewed entry into Horizon Europe’s work plan. Second, we will discuss the process of managing funding for a company that has already won a grant.

This month, we focus on specific funding opportunities that are open to EU member states. Click to find out more about Eurostars from the EUREKA work programme, the EIC Accelerator, and the ITEA call for software development.

The events this month zoom in on two topics: the fifth and the sixth clusters of Horizon Europe. We will discuss funding for the climate, mobility, and energy fields and also for the food and agricultural industries.

We continue what we started last month: In the first webinar this month, we dip into a more detailed discussion of national incentives for funding your project and how you can use your national funding body to leverage your grant strategy. In the second and final webinar of this month, we discuss how to wrap […]

This month, we begin to discuss funding programmes from A to Z. We feature one webinar in which Dana discusses the funding opportunities in the European realm. What is out there in terms of non-dilutive funding opportunities, and what are the eligibility criteria. We follow up on this series of webinars in July 2023.