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Evaluation call

Evaluating the company’s potential according to its grantable assets.

Strategic Analysis and submission plan

Forming a tailor-made submission work plan in line with Argentum’s 230+ funding directions.

Forming collaborations

Supporting and identifying R&D partnership establishment for collaborative projects consolidation and consortium joining applications.

Proposal preparation and project management

Preparing your winning grant proposal.

Who we are
We are grant experts.

Argentum is a consulting firm that specializes in securing non-dilutive funds and R&D incentives for technology companies across Europe.

We lead hundreds of clients in a journey towards higher rates of participation in EU and locally funded projects in all areas of technology. With a dedicated team of analysts, project managers, team leaders, business development specialists, and grant writers, we are determined to develop our clients’ winning project proposals and to secure funding through our multi-submission strategy.

What we do
We get you funded.

The firm operates based on the ‘Multi-submission’ approach, wherein we maximise our clients’ chances for success by applying to multiple funding opportunities throughout the year.

The ‘Multi-submission’ plan varies and will always be aligned with the clients’ field of expertise and their long-term business development goals. With over 230 funding directions that we have mastered, we are sure to create a well-tailored submission plan for you.

Let our
masters lead
through Funding

We navigate the complex database of endless grant opportunities

It’s all about
a well-planned

We save you time and energy by forming a long-term relationship with you and your technology

Our added value
to obtain needed

We increase your chances of winning a multitude of prestigious grants

Success Stories
  • Motion Informatics - IIA Boost

    A neuro-enabled motoric enhancement platform

    Programme: IIA Boost

    Coordinator: Motion Informatics, Israel

  • Cancerna

    RNA Processing for anti-cancer immunotherapy

    Programme: Horizon Europe

    Coordinator: Hadassah Medical Organization, Israel

  • Greeneye - IIA R&D Fund

    AI technology revolutionizing pest control in agriculture.

    Programme: IIA R&D Fund

    Coordinator: Geeneye, Israel


    Cloud-based Online Access to Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations
    Programme: Eureka Celtic-Next
    Coordinator: Engineering Software Styer, Austria

  • GrayMatters for PTSD - GfP

    A non-invasive, adaptive digital therapeutic solution for post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental disorders
    Programme: Horizon Europe
    Call: EIC Accelerator Open, full blended finance
    Coordinator: GrayMatters Health, Israel


    Federated ground segment & standardized interface for European EO missions.
    Programme: Horizon Europe
    Coordinator: GMV Aerospace and Defense SA
    Represented Client: Satellogic, Spain

  • E-SAM

    Sustainable electrical vehicle motor windings via additive manufacturing of copper
    Programme: SMART Advanced Manufacturing
    Coordinator: Swedish Research Institute of Technology, RISE
    Represented Client: Clever Compliance, Sweden

  • gMendel - Eurostars

    A novel non-invasive prenatal screening tool for detection of genetic disorders powered by AI
    Programme: Eurostars -EUREKA
    Coordinator: gMendel, Denmark


  • The Digital R&D team member

    The digital R&D team member
    Programme: EIC Accelerator
    Coordinator: Iris.ai, Norway

  • TEGnology - Eurostars

    Flexible Thermoelectric generator
    Programme: Eurostars – EUREKA
    Coordinator: TEGnology, Norway

  • Forests from Space

    ARTES 4.0 downstream applications feasibility study
    Programme: ESA Open Call
    Coordinator: Treedom SRL, Italy

  • Salignostics - IIA Covid-19

    Innovative saliva test to detect proteins and antibodies of the SARS-Cov-2 virus
    Programme: IIA Covid-19
    Coordinator: Salignostics, Israel

  • GMEG

    Sea-change technology for the diagnosis of genetic disorders in Egypt
    Programme: Innowwide EUREKA
    Coordinator: gMendel, Denmark

Strategic Partners