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Argentum is a consulting firm that specializes in attaining non-dilutive funds and R&D incentives for deep-tech companies from the EU and associated countries. We are part of the FreeMind Group, which has raised almost 2 billion Euros for international clients since its inception in 1999. We lead hundreds of clients in a journey towards higher rates of participation in EU-funded and locally-funded projects in all areas of technology. With a dedicated team of analysts, project managers, group leaders, business development specialists and grant writers, we are determined to develop our clients’ top-notch project proposals and to secure funding through our multi-submission strategy.

EU Funding as a Strategic Decision

Funding opportunities for companies and organizations from EU member states and associated countries are ample and varied. Argentum’s extensive grant-writing experience covers the most popular funding programs, and extends to some of the more niche and esoteric programs.

Here are some of the programs we specialize in:

Your Journey to Excellence

The abundance of funding opportunities out there can become overwhelming to navigate.
Our professional team has a broad understanding of R&D processes in the context of business, combined with an in-depth familiarity with the rapidly evolving fundraising world. We accompany our clients through every step of the process by paving the right strategic path for them through the different opportunities available. Getting to know our clients’ needs, ambitions and activities, we help them form a fundraising strategy that will leverage the details of their activity to maximize their project’s winning potential. We walk them through the bureaucratic grant-submission-jungle, making it a simple and rewarding journey. And finally, we also help them in developing and submitting strong project proposals.

Initial Outline and Analysis:
Sketching Your Image

Our strategic department will get to know you, your team, your needs, your ambitions, your activities, and conduct a thorough analysis of your company and products. The purpose of this step is to evaluate your assets, core technologies, and unique selling points from a grant’s point of view, which will work to your advantage in the submission process. Our specialty is considering your strengths and weaknesses as the proposal evaluator would.

Strategy and Timeline:
Creating a Path

After sketching a clear image of your activity, our strategic department will devise a submission strategy. This strategy is a series of submission projects that we will undertake over a predefined period of time – a compilation of grants and funding programmes for which we believe you can be a strong applicant. Taking into account your ongoing activity, your capacity and needs, we will then decide together how to take advantage of these opportunities, whether as a single applicant, a consortium leader, or a consortium participant.

Consortium Consolidation:
Grow Your Business

With over two decades of activity, we have established a worldwide network of associates. We will help you consolidate and join competitive consortia, leveraging both our network and your connections. Being a member of a consortium is a great way to increase your funding eligibility, but more importantly, it will take you from the local to the international level.

The Writing Process:
Pitch Your innovation

Every proposal has a story. The core of a successful writing process is the right storyline, casting you in the best light possible, accentuating all of your strengths, and leading the proposal evaluators to understand the full impact of your activity. Each proposal is written after thorough research, drawing from your unique characteristics. The writing process is led by a preassigned project manager, who will reflect your vision, strategy, and values, and incorporate the requirements of each grant and funding programme into your story. When the writing process is complete, the proposal is passed down to our Red Team, who take a look at your proposal from the evaluator’s perspective, for final tweaks and fine tuning before submission.

Our Network – Your Future Partners

As part of the European Union’s vision, many grants and funding opportunities stipulate the consolidation of consortia of various sizes, made up of partners from different European Union member states or associated countries. Consolidating a consortium can be quite complex. Finding the right partners requires research, a vast web of research institutions, commercial companies, and industrial companies. Over the years, Argentum has established ties with hi-tech and industrial companies, members of academia, and innovators. Using this network to our clients’ advantage, we help our clients locate relevant and suitable partnership opportunities, join existing consortia, and consolidate new consortia tailored to fit their needs.

Our Clients

A Myriad of Opportunities

The world of R&D funding is one of continual transformation. New calls and programmes are constantly being announced and funding schemes continue to evolve. We make it a point to stay two steps ahead of the game. Keeping up with the news and staying updated on the scope and terms of the evolving funding programmes, means that we are able to examine a wide variety of opportunities and fashion a submission plan that will successfully carry you across the finish line.

Our Multiple Submission Strategy

Argentum has developed a unique methodology to simultaneously increase our clients’ access for funding while dramatically decreasing the efforts they put into the process. The multiple submission strategy is all about maximizing the chances of winning a grant while minimizing the resources employed. Writing and submitting a project proposal takes a lot of hard work and effort. Investing that same effort in multiple channels simultaneously, under a systematic process with proven results, is where the real money is. In our experience with our clients, we have witnessed a surge in success rates: two out of three clients (and more when local funds and consortiums are involved) will get funded with this strategic plan.

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